Partner program

Become one of 20 Commerzbank API partners!

Would you like to work closely with Commerzbank? We are looking for companies or fintechs who want to develop, test and successfully implement business ideas based on APIs, or provide APIs to Commerzbank. Our priority is quality, not quantity.

These are your benefits

Premium Support

Get premium support with faster turnaround time, and the option for our specialists to call you back (by appointment).

Early Bird API Access

Try our new APIs (Closed Beta, Mocks and more) before everybody else. So you have the opportunity to give your feedback early.

Consulting and Coaching

Experience with us various forms of cooperation, i.e. Design Thinking Workshops, Pair Programming, Hackathons, etc.

Partner Manager

You will receive a dedicated contact person in the Commerzbank API Team who will take care of your queries.

Free API Usage

Use our APIs for free for the first 6 months. Afterwards, you’ll get an exclusive partner discount (on all APIs and price models).


Benefit from connecting to other Commerzbank API partners.


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